With your purchase, Hydrapak gives the same amount of Bottle Bright to people in vital need of clean water containers.
Buy clean. Give clean.


About Us

Hydrapak creates unique hydration solutions for performance-driven people and brands.  For nearly two decades, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of hydration to create rugged, safe, and more reliable products designed to go with you anywhere.


  • Helping people avoid toxic chemicals by creating drinkware cleaning products that contain exclusively natural ingredients.
  • Reducing landfill waste by producing packaging that maximizes recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials.
  • Reducing bottled water waste by offering a convenient cleaning method for reusable drinking containers.
  • Helping solve water sanitation issues in developing countries through hygiene education and the donation of Bottle Bright.
  • Promoting domestic jobs and manufacturing by producing products that are made in the USA.


The Bottle Bright journey began appropriately  – at a trailhead. Justin and Seth, the creators of Bottle Bright, were fresh off a mountain bike ride that was endured with noticeably less than fresh tasting water.  They were fed up with the grime that plagued their hydration packs and water bottles, and the lack of suitable methods to clean them.  After years of choosing between stains and odors or toxic chemicals, Justin and Seth set out to create the safest and most effective product for maintaining hard-to-clean drinking containers.  After countless hours spent researching and testing, their unique all natural formula was born.

Recognizing that the problem of dirty water containers carries more serious risks to people in developing countries, our added purpose became to leverage our sales to give Bottle Bright to the people that need it most.



With your purchase, Hydrapak gives the same amount of Bottle Bright to people in vital need of clean water containers.

Lack of clean water and sanitation in developing countries is a serious problem.  Nearly 80% of illnesses in these areas are linked to poor water quality and sanitation.  These illnesses are often serious and life threatening; one out of every five deaths of children worldwide under the age of 5 are attributed to water related disease.

There are a number of great organizations working to create new sources of clean water.  However, there remains a missing link to keeping that water clean; the dirty containers used to transport and store drinking water.  Many of these jerry cans, jugs, and bottles are unhygienic and there is no available method for cleaning them.  Building a new well or water purification system becomes less beneficial when people carry and store clean water in contaminated containers.

We aim to help fill this missing piece of the puzzle with hygiene education and the donation of Bottle Bright.  Our unique product is safe to handle, easily transported, and ecologically suitable for discharge on the ground.  With your purchase, Hydrapak gives the same amount of Bottle Bright to people in vital need of clean water containers.

Buy clean, give clean – Clean in Kind.

Customer Testimonials

I love this water bottle cleaner!!! Sometimes you need more than soap and water and this is exactly it!!! Kayla P.
This is great! It’s very easy to use, and works really well. My water bottle looked like new and it left no taste in the bottle. Chris R.
I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone who drinks from reusable water bottles and wants them to be thoroughly cleaned. Kayla B.
So glad I know this exists now! Makes my life so much easier! Ann F.
Love this product! Water bottles for some reason become so yucky and smelly over time. This keeps them looking great a smelling fresh. Big fan! Sara R.
What a great idea…doesn’t leave a soapy residue or flavor. Erin H.
What a brilliant idea! I use my water bottle all day, every day; but it’s so hard to clean! I love this product!! Now I don’t have to be afraid of the extra items I may be drinking! Brittany C.
This got out all the veggie juice stains in my thermos! Just let it sit overnight, shook and rinsed the next morning. Easy! Shannon Q.
Love this! I own multiple water bottles and always worried about them getting clean enough. Angela S.
These work great, highly recommend. Kelly C.
This product is amazing! I had a glass water bottle sitting by my sink for months because no matter how many times I cleaned it with soap, it still looked dirty. I used this cleaner and it looks sparkling clean! Emily F.
Call me impressed. This stuff is amazing! Sara G.
I really like this product, I swear it makes your water taste better once you know your water bottle has had a deep clean. Rebecca P.
WOW I am amazed at how well this worked without being made of harsh cleansers! Jennifer D.
Worked really well on my daughter’s grimy sippy cup! Vicki N.
I always have a hard time cleaning my water bottles and think they start to smell funny after a while. This made my water bottle clean and good as new! Anastasia T.
What a great product! I wish I’d known about this earlier! Stephanie G.
As a huge user of water bottles, it is really great to have a product to help clean them better! Way to go! Beth H.
I love the idea of a natural bottle cleaner!! Used this on my reusable Starbucks cup and it worked incredibly!! Ali K.
This worked perfect in my kid’s water bottles! Shannon R.
Best Product EVER! I thought my stainless steel bottle was clean. It was disgusting. Soap and scrubbing were not cleaning it as well as I thought. Audrey A.
This is an amazing product!! Used it on my canteen. It removed the stains and didn’t leave any kind of chemical residue. Love love it!!! Gina A.
My son makes protein shakes in a shaker bottle and they can get pretty gunky over time, Bottle Bright has it looking new again and my son say’s more please! Betty S.
I had a metal water bottle that smelled like a swimming pool, it’s brand new again! Drew L.
Used this on my husband’s water bottle he takes to work and it looks brand new! AWESOME! Susanne H.
Really works…gets all that build up out and you end up with sparkling clean bottles! Julie G.
I have a Sigg water bottle, which is rather hard to clean. I use it every day and this bottle cleaner worked really well! Alison E.
Removed so much junk out of my coffee cup! Great product! Cara D.
Super easy to use. Took the coffee stains right out of the coffee mugs and thermos. The kids water bottles smells were taken away too. No nasty residual smell or particles left behind. Christine A.
Works great! My stinky water bottle is stinky no more. Lee S.
I used this product to clean my protein shaker bottle and it worked like a charm. Really cleaned in all the cracks. Great product. Karlie R.
Really cleaned the funk out of my bottles – works really well! Jesse B.
I really like these! I was looking at one of my reusable bottles thinking there was no way I was getting it really clean. These were very easy to use and my bottle smelled a lot better! Katie R.
Got my bottle sparkly! Erin W.
Can’t wait to buy more Bottle Bright! I have tried everything, and nothing gets rid of the taste and smell that eventually builds up like Bottle Bright. Leslie A.
This product exceeded all my expectations. Antoine R.
Where has this been hiding all my life? I like this product. Easy to soak all the plastics and straws at once in the sink, and they came out gunk free! Amanda D.
Easy to use and cleans dirty water bottles well. Was surprised it was able to get rid of some old stains too. Elizabeth Y.
Perfect for my Nalgene bottles that are hard to reach to clean. Probably the cleanest they have ever been! Love it!!! Abigail W.
Cleaned my shaker bottle great. Kimmi S.
Used this on my water bottle and it made it look brand new. Amanda A.
This is a great idea for cleaning bottles! I have heard of this brand before, but have never tried it until now. This product works great! Debbie O.
Great to clean out bottles as the specialty brushes work but not very well. Michelle H.
I love this stuff! Even when we used a dishwasher the bottles would start to smell and develop mold. After I used Bottle Bright my water bottle had no smell or taste. Christine C.
Works very well. Leah S.
I am always nervous about water bottles and getting them cleaned. This worked perfectly and I need more. Maya S.
I always travel with water bottles, now I’m more excited to use them. Love this product. Val L.
I really like this product! Charisa R.
Made my bottle clean and the weird smell went away. Lori M.
Great for blender bottles. Used it in my blender bottles that get really stinky from protein powders! Worked great! Ashley M.
Fresh and clean water bottle once again! Brought it to Ecuador and used it for stinky Amazon water bottle stench! Love the product! Bubble bubble clean bottle! Hope C.
I love this product, it was exactly what I needed. Sarah J.
I had some water bottles that just weren’t coming clean in the dishwasher due to their unique shape. I followed the directions and it did exactly what it was supposed to. Much easier than hand-scrubbing. Chrystal B.
Amazing! This product was amazing, used it in my coffee pot, took all the stains out. Jessica R.
This is great! It’s very easy to use, and works really well. My water bottle looked like, and it left no taste in the bottle. Chris I.
Fantastic product! I used it to clean my water bottle and I’m hooked. I think I might use one on a vase that I can never to manage to get perfectly clean too. Wendy M.
Really good. Cleans bottles well! Johnny B.
This is JUST what I needed to clean out my blender ball that never seems to get that squeaky clean fresh feeling! Hailee S.
I never knew there was a product out there that could clean a bottle. I was excited to try it out and was thrilled when it worked. Karen G.
Mildew–be gone! I tried this product out on a reusable metal bottle that had taken on an impossible-to-get-rid-of mildew smell and I was beginning to taste it with my water, too. This solved the problem! No more stink! Tessa S.
This is AWESOME! I have 2 kids and this is a lifesaver! Sasha S.
I have a water bottle that has a very small opening and can never get it clean enough. I used Bottle Bright and what a difference it made especially to the drinks I put in it. Dina G.
I used it on a plastic pitcher I use for iced tea. Took off all the leftover light brown stains! Elizabeth G.
So cool! This stuff really works and I don’t have to struggle to keep our travel mugs clean! Tracy Y.
I used this in my glass coffee pot, and it removed “scum” that I didn’t even know was there! It was so sparkly clean afterwards! Melissa G.
Works Great! I put this in my thermos after leaving tea in it for a whole weekend. It cleaned it right up and made it smell wonderful! Cecilia C.
Great product. I need to order more. I have lots of bottles to clean! Sonia S.
I like this for hard to clean water bottles. I always feel like they don’t quite get clean so this is a nice solution. Not having a bottle brush around to grow germs or clutter the counter is a nice bonus for this product. Roberta B.
Love this product! Very helpful! Lisa B.
This is a very nice product, as I have always struggled to clean my water bottles. My water bottles are cleaner than ever and don’t taste like old juices or teas I’ve had in them. Addie L.
Worked great. Did a good job! Michelle M.
Wonderful easy way to clean your bottles!! Great product for cleaning out yucked up water bottles!! Sarah R.
My wife is now a Bottle Bright fan. I restored her crud-encrusted grimmy Coffee mug to its original gleaming stainless steel. We did the same with our forty-year old coffee pot! Eric R.
Great product for getting rid of the stale smell/taste. Kristi F.
Excellent Product! I can’t say enough good things about this product. I clean my coffee bottle with it and the inside looks like new. I love that it is bio-degradable and safe to use on drinking vessels. Jill K.
Great product, very useful. Great for cleaning bottles on the go! Patrick R.
This product effectively removed the smell from a new water bottle while cleaning it. No scrubbing required! Erica W.
Great idea. I hadn’t heard of or seen anything like this and it worked well to get into the crevices of my smoothie blender. Got rid of some buildup that had accumulated. Will definitely get more. Brian R.
Effective! Cleaned my reusable water bottle nicely. It was fast, effective, and didn’t leave any weird taste. Steven M.
This is an amazing product! My fiance’s water bottles are horrible to clean out and the difference between a clean bottle with this product and not clean is amazing. Love this product! Laurette L.
Loved it!! My husband has a travel mug that he has put hot tea in for eons. It was practically black inside. One use of Bottle Bright and it was sparkling, literally good as new. He was delighted and has me ordering more. A real winner. Pamela S.
LOVE THIS! Sharita G.
I use a plastic jug for iced tea that I make for my family. Even with regular cleaning, it had gotten stained. This worked great and made it look like new! Yolanda R.
Gets the job done with out fear of aftertaste or soapy residue. Joseph P.
This is an awesome product. I used it on my brand new bottle that was leaving an odd taste in my water. After using Bottle Bright, all I taste is the water, and the bottle is sparkling. Kristen B.
Cleans bottles in no time & very easy to use! Elaine Y.
I’m lazy and don’t like spending a lot of time cleaning, so I like that I can just pop it in the bottle and let it do its thing. It cleaned well, and I felt confident. Sarah G.
Works great, I hate when my bottles get skeezy, freaks me out. This cleaned them really well. John C.
I’m always using water bottles, but have some trouble finding something safe to clean them with to get the whole bottle clean. Love how it works to clean in ever little corner. Daniel G.
This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! No more smelly bottles and hard to reach areas when cleaning. I was so amazed with the final product! Angela J.
I think this stuff is great. I have water bottles that I have tossed simply because the dishwasher can’t get all the crud out. Taryn C.
Super idea, great product!! Why didn’t they come out with this sooner? Have been needing something like this for several years!! Angela W.
Excellent product! Bottle Bright worked like a charm, the travel mug I used it on is now odor free! Bekah B.
Bottle Bright is incredible! I thought that the bottom of my thermos was permanently stained. I always clean it with hot, soapy water, but the bottom would remain black. One use of Bottle Bright removed the stains. Tracy L.
I love these things! Amanda P.
A Bright Idea! Just as advertised, this product left one of my (well-used) bottles bright and clean. Karen F.
After using this stuff, the smell was gone! And the water tasted more pure and less “tainted” from the bottle. Amanda G.
I think this is a great idea. I love the fact it will get into the cracks that you can’t normally reach. Sarita R.
I happened to have a water bottle that I found in the car that was pretty smelly so I got to really try this product out and it worked very well. The smell was gone and it was clean like new. Trish T.
This product worked really well and didn’t leave an aftertaste or smell. Melissa C.
Love it! This is such a great invention. I take my water bottle everywhere I go, so naturally it gets grimy. It can be hard to clean. This product makes me feel confident that my bottle will be germ free! Love it! Stephanie E.
Amazing! Best Product EVER! My bottle looks brand new! Audrey A.
I didn’t even realize how dirty this bottle was until I used this product! Quinn D.
Brightened up the bottom of my water bottle in no time! Danielle F.
It cleaned my bottle and I do have to say that it really did bring my cup back to “taste neutrality.” Stephanie P.
Love it! This product did just what it said! I couldn’t stand drinking water from my reusable container when it had such an odd smell just from general use, and I thought it made my water taste funny, but after using this product the container is like new again. Kelly A.
Got out old coffee tastes from my coffee canteens! Wonderful product. Really works. Sylvia R.
Dishwasher’s not cutting it anymore. I use a stainless steel water bottle every day and need to use these at least once every couple of months. Putting them in the dishwasher just doesn’t cut it. Kelly B.
Awesome product! Worked so well on my favorite water bottle (not dishwasher safe)! Haley J.
Love it. Great idea, love how easy it is to clean water bottles. Shala J.
A MUST Purchase product! Really love that it’s chemical & chlorine free! Cleans glasses & water bottles better than just using dish soap. A must purchase product! Jamie B.
I LOVE that it makes cleaning bottles so very easy! Brandi S.
We are big about using sports bottles for our teas and juices, I loved that this product gave us an easier way to make sure my kids were using clean bottles. Cat B.
Very useful and effective!! Brooke D.
This was awesome! I have a metal water bottle that I take to work, but it got a little over-used and I set it aside to wash it…which I then put off for weeks because washing those is a pain. But this little tablet did it for me, and I can use my bottle again! I’ll definitely buy more of these! Laurie K.
A dream come true! Kristi P.

Media Reviews


Wendy Bumgardner, About.com

The Bottle Bright tablets are very convenient. Just fill your bottle or water bladder with warm water and plop in a tablet. Let it fizz for five minutes to dissolve. Then mix it up and let it soak for ten minutes. Then rinse. Your water vessel is now clean and odor-free. No chlorine smell or flavor.


These tablets work as advertised. I cleaned my water bottles, hydration bladder, travel mugs and coffee mugs that couldn’t go in the dishwasher. All were left sparkling and odor-free. This is a product I will be using in the future.

Full review >>


Peloton Magazine

I’ve been known to drink out of some funky water bottles. I always figured that black film at the bottom was just more calories. Not anymore. Bottle Bright is so effective and easy to use all of my bottles sparkle.

It‘s a small tablet you drop in your bottle, hydration pack, or any water vessel for that matter, and in 10 minutes it’s clean as a whistle. Just rinse and go. That’s the magic of activated oxygen and organic surfactants. Indispensable.

Full review >>



Water is a necessity, no matter who you are or what you’re doing. But many of us don’t clean our containers until they contain a noticeable biohazard. For me, the difference between safe hydration and total intestinal failure is Bottle Bright by Clean Ethics.

Bottle Bright effervescent tablets are biodegradable, non-toxic and bubble away biohazards by breaking them down to inert natural substances. It’s like a 2000 Flushes for your water bottle or hydration pack.

Full review >>


Utah Outside

We’ve all been there – you’re trying to clean your old, favorite water bottle, but you just can’t fit your hand all the way inside. There are tricks, sure, like wrapping an sponge around a fork to get to those hard-to-reach-places, but it can be a pain to remove. What to do? Get yourself or your loved one some Bottle Bright. According to the company, Clean Ethics, Bottle Bright is a safe, effective, and convenient product for cleaning difficult to wash containers.

Bottle Bright are tablets that dissolve in warm water. You simply put one into your bottle, fill it up, and loosely screw on the cap. Let it sit for a bit, shake it up, and viola, the inside of the bottle is just like the day you bought it. The tablets are made from ingredients that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and chlorine-free. It’s another good stocking stuffer for the outdoor recreation fan in your life.

Full review »


Outdoor Gear TV

Why use Bottle Bright? It’s made with non-toxic ingredients that are not harmful to the environment. Even the package is environmentally friendly. It cleans those hard-to-clean drinking vessels and coffee stains. Best of all, with every purchase of Bottle Bright, Clean Ethics gives the same amount as purchased, to people in developing nations who need clean water containers.

Does it work? We were a bit skeptical. Andrew’s water bottles have been filled with coffee and left under seats in his car for months and his Nalgene left in his backpack for days. Even after a good soap and water scrub, they were stained and smelly. Bottle Bright surpassed our expectations and cleaned every challenge we threw at it.

Full review »

snowshoe mag (300x181)

Snowshoe Magazine

Any list of the most irritating things in life has to include trying to wash out your favorite water bottle when it starts to get stinky – and they all do, sooner or later.

My favorite trick has been to add a drop or two of dish-soap directly to the interior of the bottle and then fill it about half-full and shake. It’s a technique that works very well on cleaning them but less well when it comes to rinsing them. It can be – ahem – a bugger to get the soap residue out. And then there’s still the tops to contend with, and depending on the design, that’s a beast of a different stripe to complete your exasperation.

That’s where a product like Bottle Bright effervescent tablets can be a godsend. Bye-bye, soapy after taste! Nice knowing you.

Full review >>


Gumption Gear

Whether your battle is against that coffee stained travel mug, or a hydration reservoir that refuses to relinquish the taste of that sugary sweet sports drink, the cleaning process can be a drag. Bottle Bright effervescent tablets eliminate the hassle by cleaning in a quick, simple and effective manner with non-toxic, biodegradable, and chlorine-free ingredients.


Over the course of testing the product, our gear guru’s used Bottle Bright on every reusable bottle, coffee pot and reservoir in our gear closet. From stainless steel insulated, to glass and plastic, the Bottle Bright product not only cleaned the bottle(s), mugs and pots, but removed stains we assumed had become immutable fixtures on the vessel.

Full review »



You love your reusuable bottle but the small opening makes it hard to clean, which is especially problematic after it’s been sitting in your car all day with remnants of your morning smoothie. Instead of hoping the dishwasher will thoroughly clean and disinfect your bottle, use Bottle Bright instead.

Bottle Bright’s unique formula cleans and removes stubborn stains and odors without the use of harsh chemicals. Made in the U.S.A., the tablets are non-toxic, biodegradable and chlorine-free. They are also packaged with recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Full review »



I decided to put Bottle Bright to the test on two of my most used drinking vessels- one of my travel coffee mugs and my ice climbing thermos. My ice climbing thermos was in the worst shape, as I have been using it every day throughout the past five winters. As the thermos is not that easy to clean, the smell and stain of Good Earth Tea lingered no matter how many times I washed it.


After ten minutes of soaking, I was delightfully surprised that the Good Earth Tea smell was completely gone. The inside of the thermos and the plastic top were also devoid of years of tea stain.

Full review »


Tim Miner: Trail Sherpa

I tested the Bottle Bright tablets with each of my 6 containers producing the same results each time. There were no legacy stains or odors from the heavy usage that each vessel had accumulated over the last few months. And even more impressive is that the tablets made cleaning threaded bottles, the backcountry flask, and the hydration bladders a breeze.


Bottle Bright works great for your everyday trail needs. It works very well on stains and that funky smell that reusable water bottles and hydration bladders seem to develop over time even with hand washing. It’s very affordable for occasional use and the impact that your purchase has on the lives of others around the world is a fantastic bonus.

Full review »

Active Gear

Active Gear Review

I love when a product actually does what it says it will do!

Bottle Bright by Clean Ethics is a tablet form cleanser for your drinking vessels and beverage containers. With its simple use and clear instructions, I had a foaming cleansing solution in my favorite travel mug in no time.


The draw to this type of product is simply the need for a quality product that actually provides a safe liquid container to use. How many times have you thought, “I hope that green stuff in my hydration bladder is good?” or “man, that coffee mug is gross!” With Bottle Bright, you now have a solution.

Full review >>



Healthy Holistic Living

I was thrilled, so thrilled that I pulled down all my travel mugs and various water bottles (yes, about twenty plus of them), dropped in Bottle Bright and bam! clean bottles. Yup, this stuff works, and quite well I might add. Now I can rest easy that I am not only providing my family with clean healthy water but I am no longer contaminating them with my home grown Petri dish!


5 Stars. What’s not to love about this product it works great, it’s non-toxic and the product is made by a company with a heart.

Full review »

Lose the stink. Enjoy the drink.


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